My eJukebox-Skins

What is eJukebox?

eJukebox is "The Ultimate Solution for Your Digital Music/Video Collection!

Experience Your Music/Video Collection with Automatic Album Cover Art, Randomized AutoPlay Modes, Extensive Song - Artist - and Album Listings, 3D Album Carousel, Drag & Drop Playlist, User Skins, Fast CD Ripper to fully tagged MP3s, Winamp Plug-ins and Shoutcast Radio Support, Kiosk Mode for TouchScreen Usage and Parties, 2WEB Browser Interface for remote controlling your music over a LAN or the Internet. Plus so much more!"

Feel free to visit the eJukebox-Homepage for further infomation.

My skins

First I only wanted to modify an existing skin... and after a few weeks I've managed to create my own skin: "Blacklight".
A few month later I designed "Western".

The skins are free to use.
You may use the graphics to create your own skin or modify this skin to fit in your system.
You may not use the graphics for other purpose.